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Who needs MerchantMob

For all on-the-go services MerchantMob's quick, phone-to-phone payments simplfy transactions, boosting efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Many needs — one effortless solution

MerchantMob enhances service industry transactions with instant phone-to-phone payments, boosting efficiency and client satisfaction.

  • Pest Control
  • Lawn Service
  • Painting
  • Valet
  • Locksmiths
  • Gutter installers
  • Sports Lessons
  • Foundation Services
  • Lawn Treatment
  • Handyman
  • Residential Lighting
  • Roofing
  • Sporting Guides
  • Produce Sales
  • Seasonal Lighting
  • Rental Services
  • Freelance Designers
  • And many more...

How it works

MerchantMob is revolutionizing mobile payments, offering diverse phone-based solutions for effortless, instantaneous transactions.

Scan to pay

QR code payments made easy

MerchantMob is revolutionizing the way businesses handle transactions by making QR code payments virtually effortless. With its intuitive platform, on-site transactions become a seamless process. Simply scan the QR code and the payment is processed instantly, eliminating the need for physical cash or cards. This ease of use not only increases efficiency but also enhances the overall customer experience, making your service more attractive in an increasingly digital marketplace.

Text to pay

SMS payments made easy

Transforming the payment landscape, MerchantMob makes processing transactions as simple as sending a text message. Its intuitive interface provides an effortless experience that quickens the pace of business and prioritizes user-friendly interaction. With MerchantMob, you can enjoy the ease of swift, straightforward payments, enhancing your service and customer satisfaction.

Tap to pay

NFC payments made easy

Embracing the power of Near Field Communication (NFC), MerchantMob has transformed the payment process into a simple act of bumping phones. This breakthrough offers an incredibly seamless, instantaneous payment solution that fits right in your pocket. It's not just about making payments easier, but also about creating an engaging, modern transaction experience that benefits both businesses and customers alike.

Link to pay

Send payment link via anything

MerchantMob goes beyond traditional payment systems, offering the innovative feature of payment link generation. This allows businesses to create unique payment links that can be sent and processed through any type of messaging service. Whether it's email, SMS, or social media messaging, MerchantMob's platform ensures that you can collect payments swiftly and securely. It's a testament to flexibility and convenience, tailored to fit the digital communication landscape.


MerchantMob is more than a payment platform; it's a complete business toolkit at your fingertips, streamlining operations and transactions effortlessly.

Everything you need to run your business

MerchantMob is more than a payment processor; it's a comprehensive toolbox designed to drive your business forward. Offering a suite of tools for efficient management, MerchantMob turns your mobile device into a comprehensive business command center.

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Why MerchantMob

MerchantMob stands unrivaled in on-site payment processing, providing unmatched speed, simplicity, and security that elevates us above the competition.


MerchantMob prides itself on a thriving base of satisfied clients, who appreciate our seamless transactions, ease of use, and exceptional service.

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MerchantMob turbocharges efficiency, transforming your mobile device into a powerhouse for swift, seamless business transactions.


MerchantMob is your growth partner, offering robust, efficient payment solutions that help scale your business to new heights.


MerchantMob streamlines your workflow, transforming complex transactions into simple, seamless processes.

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