Simple Subscription

Experience simplicity and transparency with our single subscription plan, ensuring everyone gets full access to all features without any complications. One size truly fits all.

What’s included

Each orgranization

$49.99 /month

Get Started

Includes two user accounts. Each additional user is $5 per month


Transparent Transaction Fees

2.9% + .30¢

Card Processing Fee



Mobile-Optimized Payments

Designed for today's mobile era. Ensure secure, smooth payments anytime, anywhere.

Touchless NFC Payments

Experience future-ready, contactless transactions. Efficient, seamless, and perfect for today's fast-paced world.

Quick QR Code Transactions

Quick and easy payments via QR codes. Scan, pay, and move on, making transactions a breeze.

Dedicated Payment Pages

Personalized payment pages streamline the checkout experience for your clients.

Flexible Payment Plans

Cater to every client. One-time or recurring, we've got you covered.

Promotional Package Management

Design and manage packages that both attract and retain.

Universal Card Support

Accept every major card. Never miss out on a payment.

Apple & Google Wallet Integrations

Modern payment solutions for the modern world. Convenience redefined.

Business Management

Instant SMS Invoicing

Send invoices right to customers' phones. Efficient, paperless, and perfect for the digital age.

Collect Genuine Reviews

Feedback is gold. Hear from customers and refine your service offerings.

Customer Ratings

Consistent service quality assured with direct customer ratings.

Gratuity Made Easy

Simple tipping features enhance the customer service experience.

Effortless Product Sales

Direct product sales made seamless. Expand your business effortlessly.

Promotional Package Management

Design and manage packages that both attract and retain.

Streamlined Booking Management

Organized, efficient, and hassle-free appointment management.

Personalized Bookings Page

Dedicated booking pages make scheduling appointments effortless for clients.

Sync & Manage Calendars

Stay on top of appointments. Seamless integrations mean no overlaps.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

All-in-One CRM Tool

Relationship management made easy. Connect, manage, and grow.

Detailed Customer Profiles

Every detail matters. Track preferences, history, and more with ease.

Direct SMS Customer Chat

Real-time SMS chats bring you closer to your clients.

Instant SMS Payment Confirmations

Payments made? Get instant confirmations. Always be in the know.

Deep Dive Customer Analytics

Harness data. Understand and cater to customer preferences effectively.

Comprehensive Customer Dashboards

Invoices, appointments, chats—all in one convenient place for clients.

Branding & Marketing

Your Brand, Your Way

Make MerchantMob truly yours with full branding customization.

Promotional Package Management

Design and manage packages that both attract and retain.

Branded NFC Cards

Boost your brand with custom NFC cards. Make every detail count.